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5 Awesome Places to Get Clicked in Bangkok

The most visited city according to MasterCard’s Global Destination Cities Index and named ‘World’s Best City’ for four consecutive years by Travel + Leisure magazine – yes, it is none other than Bangkok. Bangkok is a hub for shopping, MNCs, acultural landmark, vibrant street life, and posh dealings. Altogether, it isan apt getaway for the urban people who can get every touch of an international impression.

Bangkok is hailed every time when it comes to shopping but did anyone know that this place is quite famous when it comes to filming? Directors find this place a perfectly blissful destination to give their films and photo shoots a remarkable leap of accomplishment. Wondering how amazing life would be for them?You can also be a part of your own photo shoot in some of these really attracting places. Wait, Bangkok is so large that we place before you the five best places for clicking.

  1. Wat Arun: Do you wish to impress all your friends with your photography skills? Your wait is over; just buy the cheapest Delhi to Bangkok flights and visit this ancient and alluring place of Bangkok known as the ‘Temple of Dawn’. Go to the city side of the Thonburi river water during the sunrise and click some stunning pictures of yourself near the sun-bathed temple. During the sunset, the pro ones can catch in their cameras the astonishing silhouettes near the deep orange orb. The night is totally lit,and that lends an ambience of clicking as many photos as you wish to. So, go on with it.
  2. Golden Chedi at Grand Palace: It is one of the auspicious buildings among which the Wat PhraKaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) which has in it the revered Emerald Buddha and whose foundation dates to14th-centurystands. It deserves a special mention for photography. Jump on the grassland before the ticket booths to click an amazing photo where your backdrop will comprise of the three golden spires stretching glamorously into the sky. Tip: Drop in Wat Pho Keaw just the moment it opens at 8.30am and then pose because no one else will be there to watch you!
  3. Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho: This is a very positive and auspicious place for its myriad stupas and buildings inside. With artistically produced immanent architecture, this place is picture perfect. Look at the elegant face between two poles and grab your wide angled lens for the best results. The other place would be just at the feet of Lord Buddha, which is not only a faultless place but also the statue adorned with the mother-of-pearl details.
  4. The Dome at Skybar: Have youwatched the film Hangover II boys?Then you have already understood that we are talking about the Dome at Skybar at Lebua State Tower. Placed 63 floors up, looking over the river, this place is a bit too crowded because of its fame and city view. Visit this place the moment it opens to take a nice picture keeping the city as your backdrop.
  5. Yaowarat Road(Chinatown): Just pose alongside the streets here, and the background shop’s lighting will do it for you. The foodies will find this place a heaven as the street side cuisine is always lighting with vibrancy. This 1 km long stretch will give you more than enough stops for clicking thousands of pictures and uploading themwith hashtags.

So, now when you have all the needed names of the places for photography, why not book the tickets? The good news is that the cheapest Delhi to Bangkok flightsisavailable for booking.


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