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A new perspective to life

Life is although a simple word but it does carry a different million meanings. Possibly 7 billion different meanings. Each one for a person that exists on the earth. For some it maybe a bank account that has billions of money but for others it would a $2 ice cream with someone who they care about. Maybe you can find happiness in life by look at the sky full of stars and maybe some people in your surrounding would become happy while partying with their friends. Some live life while others embrace it. However, the perspective you carry makes the meaning of life to be changed for you.

I witnessed the fact that you can see one thing in a million different ways depending upon how you are seeing it. I was in a photography contest a year back. The contest gave us a free hand and the best thing about it was to capture life. I walked down the road with a mountain next to my home and this was not something new. I used to walk down that road usually to get to my school and this time the only thing that was different was that I was carrying a camera. I decided to walk around until I get something that could fit in the frame and make it look beautiful. And while observing the nature for a perfect shot I did see something different in that mountain and the sky that I used to see for years. I was bright and colorful unlike the times when I walked down there to get to my school. The mountain echoed my laughter and everything was now more amazing. I was not able to capture that in the eye of camera however this possibly changed the way I was looking at life.

It was in that moment when I realized that people who make it big in life always see things differently. It not the circumstances that they make out of but it their perspective to life that they use to make their names to be listed in people who are amazing. What would have happened if bill gates never started his dream in that small garage? What if Jack Ma would have seen his rejection from KFC as a failure? What if Tariku Bogale would never come out to write those books and motivated the world? What if he made a thought that people from lower class backgrounds can’t do anything?

All of these what ifs are what ifs because these people worked against the odds and saw life with a different perspective. They felt that difficulties are a part of life yet the achievement of something big always is in the hands of people themselves.

With these thoughts I returned home and some amazing clicks were with me saved in the camera but what I saw that day was something different it cannot be fit in a 480×640 frame or anything that is measurable. However, it was saved in the spirit with which I have spent life since that day and surely I have found after that perspective about life is always depicted in the way you live.


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