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Causes Of The Growing Automobile Traffic In Bangalore

The increasing traffic in the city of Bangalore has raised major concerns not only for the Pollution Control Board and the Traffic Police Force. The last tally available for the year 2016 shows a large number, 6 Lakh privately owned vehicles on the city roads. This number is also expected to increase in the coming years.  Add on to it the huge number of cars, buses and other public transportation, two wheelers and other vehicles which enter or leave the city. This is the reason why traffic jams have now become common in the city.

What could be the possible reason for the growing number of cars?

The primary reason for this can be related directly to the growing population in Bangalore. A large number of professionals have shifted in the city to avail the various job opportunities being offered by the many multinational companies who have their offices in Bangalore.

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These people do not wish to invest a huge sum to purchase a car but do realise the necessity to own a four wheeler for easy commute for them and their families in Bangalore. This is why they look for the best place to buy used car in Bangalore.

How is this need being met by sellers?

It is usually seen that these buyers in Bangalore have the propensity to purchase a small and economical car which fits their budget and is suitable for a small family. This is why most sellers including dealerships and online portals are offering discounts and other offers like security checks, quality checks and maintenance to attract prospective buyers.

How have Banks been instrumental?

Banks too have grabbed the opportunity and are providing easy car loans with low rates of interests. Buyers now feel more economically equipped to make the purchase. All this is leading to an increase in the automobile count in the city.


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