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CBD vs. THC: How They Impact Human Body

Whenever you hear see the term cannabis, there are two major terms that are associated with it i.e. CBD and THC. Most of you are already aware of the CBD which is being used to cure numerous human diseases. But what is the major difference between the two and how do these two constituents affect the human body?

Researchers have found more than 100 cannabinoids in medical marijuana. Out of these cannabinoids, CBD is the most renewed name that is found to be very helpful for the human body. Apart from this, THC is another constituent which is quite helpful, but its overdose makes you high and because of this, the consumption of marijuana is banned in many parts of the world.

Now let’s talks about both these components in details.

Tetrahydrocannabinol aka THC: THC is a psychoactive component present in the hemp plant. This is the sole reason that is responsible to make a human ‘high’ and is considered to be the main culprit in the recreational cannabis. But its consumption helps the human body to get adequate relax and pain relief. The feeding of THC directly affects the neurotransmitters present in the human body and helps in offering relief to your body.

Now, if you are taking it in the right proportion, there are some pros that you can easily achieve with its consumption. Some of the benefits include Spinal injury, Chronic pain, Sleeplessness, HIV/AIDS and a few other human diseases.  But as it can make you high, it’s important to take this dose with a proper prescription from your doctor.

Cannabidiol aka CBD: CBD is the renowned name that you will always listen from medical aspect. There are numerous advantages of taking CBD as medicine. Even in many countries over the globe, it has become legal to grow marijuana and sell the by-products of cannabis. Some of the online pharmacy stores are also provided a legal license to sell CBD products.

CBD is basically famous to cure the most common problems faced by human beings. Some of them include curing headache, migraine, Chronic pain, inflammation, Cancer, Cure Acne, Anxiety, Nausea, Broken bones, Skin problems, and many other human issues. In short, you will find it as the only component that is capable to cure numerous diseases.

But Consume the Right Dose: As both of them are the constituents of the cannabis plant, you need to know that overdose of CBD or THC can really harm your body. There are many side-effects that you will experience due to overdose. So, if you really want to get medication and use CBD in it, it’s important to get diagnosed and determine the demand of CBD dosage that you should consume and regain your health back.

So, what are you waiting for? The aforementioned information clears all your doubts associated with CBD and THC. If you still have some issues related to medical cannabis, feel free to drop your opinion in the comment section below. Also, let us know what more you think about these two constituents of the cannabis plant.


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