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It takes an effort to keep a hard floor surface entirely clean and up to standards. For a floor to be sparkling and spotlessly clean, consider investing in a Windsor Floor Machine. A wide variety of floor cleaning machines are available to choose from. While making a choice of the cleaning machine to purchase, there are a number of factors to consider:


The budget of a floor machine relies on the size of the organization and also the level of complexity. Windsor Floor Machines have a wide variety to choose from. Some can handle single tasks while others will handle more than one task. This causes a variation in their prices. The budget will depend on knowing what floor machine will be best for your facility.

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Size of the floor

Different machines are suitable for different kind of floor spaces. For a facility with large rooms and a lot of open spaces, the best option would be a big rider scrubber. This will use less personnel and can also save on time. On the other hand, a walk behind scrubber would be ideal for small spaces where one needs to make multiple maneuvers.

Floor material

When buying a Windsor Floor machine, it’s important to consider the purpose of the machine since they vary from cleaning concrete hardwood or tiles. With a burnisher machine, for instance, you can clean, polish and wax the floors which can cover a facility that has different kinds of floors. Also, some floors need scrubbing which would mean a machine wouldn’t be the best for antique hardwood floors. This means that it’s important to know the kind of floor material to get the right machine.

Power and Speed

Various cleaning tasks will require different speeds and power. This is an important factor to consider. It can be battery or electrically charged. Electric floor machines are easier to maintain and will do a good job compared to the battery charged.

Your cleaning needs

It is important to evaluate what kind of dirt you will need to clean. If the areas to be cleaned have a lot of movement, you will need a more powerful machine. This is due high levels of dirt and needs to dry the floor fast so as not to interfere with people’s activities for long.


Windsor floor machines offer a wide variety to choose from depending on your needs. Ensure you consider all factors before getting a floor machine. It is a challenging decision but with a range of products and careful pondering, you will make a good purchase that suits your needs.


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