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Seven No Fail Tips forthe Plus Size bridesmaid


You can totally rock your friend’s wedding by looking stunning and gorgeous. Being a plus sized bridesmaid especially for the first time can beterrible. You feel honored to have been asked to be the bridesmaid; do not miss this opportunity just because of your low self-esteem. Be proud your friend chose you to be in the limelight during her special time. I have been in your shoes and know how it feels to be bulky and the wardrobe crisis you face along with social pressure. Body positivity movements have helped a lot and brought a lot of change but there is a long way to go. Forget all this a and get to the point, YOU are going to be the bridesmaid, let us learn a few tips while shopping for a plus size Bridesmaid Dresses.

Get your money together: Unless the dress is coming from a store that caters the needs of a plus-sized woman chances are pretty high you are going to need so much of alteration. One ideal advice is doing not buy online. Buying online will become full of fuss for you. You can not replace an item again and again. So, get it altered and stitched from a high-end tailor. Even the most ordinary cloth looks amazing if it was stitched by a high end tailor.

A fine seamstress knows what the problem areas of a plus size woman are. Still, make sure you are being vocal about your fears and worries. Let her know how you want to feel in a bridesmaid dress. Make sure you go to a tailor who has expertise and experience of stitching Bridesmaid dresses.

Shop Shapewears: Shape wears are an amazing creation of the designers. Thanks to the Victorian era when women were not allowed to be fat. You can wear a shapewear under your dress or you can wear a corset. The corset gives an hourglass shape.

Shop the right lingerie:  Wear bras that give you full coverage. If the neck of the dress is low, you can wear demi-cup bras. Busters can be worn to minimize the bust. You can move around freely in the wedding without being hesitant because of the size of your bosoms. If the dress has pads, make sure it is lightly padded, heavy padding can double the size of your breasts.

Order one size up If you have found a great deal online and do not want to lose it, buy one size bigger. If the size does not fit, you can get it altered. Color coordinates the color of the dress with the bride’s dress.

We hope these tips helped you. Please let us know, what you think can be useful to other curvy ladies, stay hydrated. Keep an extra pair of shoes with you. Keep dresses that are comfortable to wear before and after the wedding. Keep some pins, safety pins you know for the risky times.


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