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The Benefits of Digitizing Field Operations with Mobile Technology

Since its inception, the adoption of mobile technology in different industries has been on an upward trajectory and doesn’t look like it will be slowing down any time soon. Mobile technology can only get bigger – you can tell from the prevalence of smartphones. Today, more than half of the global population uses a smartphone, and about two thirds of the people in the world own a mobile phone.

It’s not just mobile adoption that’s growing rapidly, but the internet too. Over 50 percent of the world’s internet traffic comes from smartphones. The power of mobile technology cannot be ignored. Companies across all industries have realized that and have integrated mobile technology in their systems. Every ERP mobile app developer out there is looking to cash in on the wave of mobile technology.

Why You Should Digitize Field Operations in Your Business

The convenience of cloud technology and the flexibility of mobile technology is perfect for a business that spends a lot of time in the field. Here are some of the benefits a company can enjoy from digitizing field operations using mobile technology:

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Increased Productivity

Mobile technology increases the productivity of your technicians out in the field. When people are able to work together, they will produce more consistently. Each employee plays his/her part whether in the office or out in the field. Nobody is overworked, meaning that there is no fatigue — a major detriment to productivity. Increased productivity leads to more production, more sales, and higher profitability.

Internet of Things (IoT)

At its core, the Internet of Things refers to series of interconnected devices that can be controlled remotely via a mobile device. IoT can have a lot of benefits for a business that’s involved in a lot of field operations, a field service company for instance. It can really increase collaboration between the parties involved thereby making the process of service delivery faster.

The mobile skilled field service technician, the dispatcher, the customer service representative, the person who owns the device, and the device itself are all connected together via IoT. When a problem is reported, the company conducts a triage to see if the problem can be fixed remotely via a service call, and if not, the needed service parts are gathered. The next step is to dispatch field service technician with all the required parts to wrap up the order.

A Digital Paper Trail

There are so many benefits of digitizing field operations, and one of them is the ability to do away with the papers. Relying in manual entries back in the office to track field visits can be highly inconvenient. It slows down the entire process and opens up room for wrong entries, misplaced papers, and other errors.

Digitizing your field operations gives your company a competitive edge, operational excellence, and leads to internal improvements. On top of that, digitization also helps the Internet of Things, where services can be offered remotely where possible, thus helping the company optimize resources. Digitization increases efficiency, safety of technicians, and improves bottom lines.



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