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These Top Crowdfunding Platforms Bring Crowdfunding on Your Fingertips

With each upgrade brought in by Mobile Device Manufacturers, another range of mobile devices is released is more capable and powerful than the generation preceding it. We can perform all tasks right from mobile devices. From financial transactions to reading books and from ordering food to socialising with our peers, everything happens through a mobile device.

Humans are hardwired to be social and crowdfunding works solely on popular support. Campaigners on any crowdfunding platform need to bring visibility and attention to their fundraiser. The fact that technology facilitates social power cannot be emphasised enough.

Many crowdfunding platforms in the west recognised this popular an unavoidable trend of managing lives through mobile devices and hit the bull’s eye by correctly estimating the need of their campaigners. This need was the need to manage a fundraiser on the go. Top crowdfunding platforms built their own apps..

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Let’s have a look at the most popular crowdfunding apps on google play store which has made fundraising more flexible and fun:

    1. Indiegogo: The Indiegogo app offers services for campaigners and donors. For campaigners, it lets you discover new campaigns through personalized recommendations. You can follow your favorite campaigns, explore the perks of the campaign and share your favourite campaigns with friends on social media. As a donor, you can keep a tab of which campaigns are trending, which ones have just been launched, which campaigns are about to end.
      For Campaigners it offers a variety of services like notification on receiving a new donation/ The app lets you promote your campaign on social networks and manage comments on your fundraiser.

  • Kickstarter: Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website where creative talent and passionate sponsors come together to bring new ideas to life. This app facilitates the exploration of creative projects in art, design, film, games and music. It lets you donate to your favorites right from the app. You get the updates of the fundraisers you have donated for and can share it with your friends via emails, messaging and social media. Although it is one of the best app for donors to keep track of their pet project, it does not offer any help for campaigners during their fundraiser journey.

  • Gofundme: The GoFundMe app helps launch and manage a campaign from start to finish, as well as find causes to support.
    For campaign organizers, it simplifies the process of creating a fundraising campaign, making the task quick and easy. It lets you tell your story with photos, and start accepting donations in minutes. You can also share your campaign on social media. Supporters, using the GoFundMe app can donate to campaigns directly from the app and search for causes to support that matter to you.
  • JustGiving: JustGiving is another crowdfunding platform which offers a multifunctional android app to its users for facilitating crowdfunding process via mobile device. A campaigner can manage fundraisers, share their campaigns via the app while donors can find their favourite campaigns, donate and get update notifications from the campaign they have donated for.

  • Impact Guru: Impact Guru is India’s leading crowdfunding platform and has helped many to raise funds successfully for variety of causes. It has proved itself as a capable leader of Indian crowdfunding industry. It is the first ever Indian platform to launch its own android app. And in the first go, Impact Guru app have accommodates many of those features which western crowdfunding platform offers through their apps, with 2.0 or 3.0 versions.
    Campaigners can login to access a personalised dashboard, keep track of the funds raised, get live updates on donations and share their fundraiser on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, WhatsApp. With the Impact Guru App campaigners can manage their fundraiser on the go and chat with Impact Guru’s team instantly in case of any query or confusion regarding their fundraiser journey. This is the unique feature of Impact Guru, as no crowdfunding platform in the west offers such comprehensive customer service through their apps. Impact Guru’s android app is one-of-its kind app that puts crowdfunding in India on your fingertips!

So what are you thinking about? If you are spending so much time on your phone, you might as well start a fundraiser and raise funds for a cause closer to your heart. Short on ideas to raise funds for? Here! Find some amazing fundraising ideas to raise funds. Don’t let this wonderful opportunity of making an impact slip out of your hands.


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