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Various kinds of solar panels

The solar panels are much in demand these days because of their lots of advantages. They are environment friendly also. They do not pollute the environment. They do not have any kind of carbon foot print left behind them. There are many types of solar panels available in the market. The solar panel price varies according to the type of the panel you want to buy.

The major advantages that these solar panels have are that they can be recycled again. Many of the organization do take the used solar panels for sale and give its value to the customers.

Various types of the solar panel available in the market are:

Photovoltaic solar panels:

The photovoltaic solar panel is used to convert the sunlight into the electricity with the use of semiconducting materials. These panels do have the solar cells that help in the conversion of the electricity. These do have many advantages over the other resources as they emit lesser amount of fuel. The panels do have a solar tracker that actually tracks the position of the sun to trap the sunrays and produce larger amount of heat. These panels are widely used in the homes and the office to provide the electricity power.

The main advantage with this is that once they are installed they do not need any further assistance.

Thermal solar panels:

The thermal solar panel is more durable than any other form of solar panel. The thermal panels do have the solar collector that collects the sun rays for trapping the heat. The thermal panels do not convert the sunlight into the electricity like the photovoltaic panels but they do use the heat from the sunrays directly and make use of it in various works.


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