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What is Actually Agile Estimation And Planning?

The project planning of agile is a combined approach which involves the team in the decision making and planning process. If any agile project wants to be successful, the team members and project managers of the agile projects must need a complete understanding of the planning and estimation tools and techniques of agile. As the process of agile is flexible and easily adapt to changes, it is accurate it is possible to have reliable planning within the framework of the agile methodology. The agile estimation and planning workshop provide a detailed knowledge of this.

This workshop is designed to give the basic understanding in the agile iteration planning to the participants. Also, participants will learn about several estimation tools that support the iterative processes of a project. Participants will learn how to use these tools and techniques properly to make tasks to be completed in a successful manner with measurable savings on both resources and time. In agile management classes, participants will learn about the real world examples and understand agile estimation and planning and how it works.

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The agile estimation and planning basically relies on the coordination of the project team, its communication that helps to set expectations and manage that uncertainty. For a number of years most of the organizations have implemented agile methods to several degrees, to boost the speed to market their product, increase productivity, growth strategy, improve operation effectiveness processes, improve product quality etc. Some of the key issues of agile estimation process are

  • Overlooking the review effort, testing process and inspection
  • Under estimating cost that include expenses like travel and meeting costs
  • Missing special testing requirements
  • No plan for resistance after delivery if in case a support period is required
  • Poor communication and team structure

To overcome these issues a proper knowledge on agile estimation and planning is needed.

What will the participants learn?

In addition to this, participants will learn about

  • The purpose of planning
  • How to estimate the time and size requirements
  • Units of estimation
  • Techniques for planning and estimating
  • Re-estimation procedures
  • Sprint planning
  • Release and iteration planning
  • Final tips and techniques
  • The basics of the agile methods
  • Conventional planning and estimating vs the Agile methods
  • How to implement the planning and estimating principles of agile
  • How to work with the Lifecycle Diagram of agile
  • Learn about Poker planning, Ideal days, affinity Sizing, and Complexity Buckets
  • Learn about the process of calibration and re-estimation
  • Real-world case studies and examples of agile estimation and planning
  • Release and Iteration planning

Who can learn agile estimation and planning?

Agile estimation and planning can be learned by anyone those who are working in the estimation or planning platform that uses the agile methodology. This is also suitable for

  • Testers
  • Agile programmers
  • Project managers
  • Product managers
  • Project team members
  • Members of delivery teams

This is also learned by individuals those who are working in the agile platform.


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