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When to Hire a Car Accident Attorney

For anyone who has ever been in a car accident, the incident is bad enough, but then being left with a vehicle that cannot be driven, lost wages and medical bills can be too much for the individual to handle. Car accidents are all too common, and a good majority of them lead to the demolition of a person’s vehicle. If you require legal assistance, a professional car accident attorney in Shelby, NCcan assist with filing a claim and representing you in a court of law.

Car Accident Statistics

There are over five million car accidents that occur each year. A little less than half of these accidents result in personal injury and vehicle damage. Having a small fender bender might not be much for you to handle, but when you’ve been in an accident that has caused you injury or are dealing with a defendant who is adamant that they were in the right, you’re going to need a professional who can go to court with you and get you the compensation that you need.

How Many People File Lawsuits?

Millions of people each year file lawsuits pertaining to auto accidents. These lawsuits can be anything from a case to get compensation for medical bills to cars that have been totaled and now need to be replaced. Filing a lawsuit from a car accident should always be done as soon as feasibly possible because not only will this help with your bills, but you’ll also find that you feel better knowing that justice has been served.

Who to Hire?

Because there are thousands of eligible lawyers out there, it can be frustrating to try to figure out who to hire and who to avoid. Online reviews can give you some helpful insight into what a lawyer is like and how they’ve worked with people in the past. Other people find that contacting several lawyers and going with the one they feel most comfortable talking to is a good way to choose the perfect professional. You will also want to ask the lawyer if there are fees involved upfront or if their fees come out of the payment that you win.

Using the Proper Evidence

The evidence that you use during the lawsuit will either make or break your case. You need evidence like photos, videos, police reports and insurance claims when going to court. If you’re unable to dig up this information, the attorney will do it for you. The more evidence that you have, the better off you’re going to be in court because you’re able to back up your claims with hardened facts. With the large number of people who go to court, your case may be easily dismissed if you do not have enough evidence to present. Also, if you are unable to go to court yourself, the lawyer will go for you and represent you in front of the judge using all the evidence that you have.



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